Andre Assalino

Buster's Garden VR


Buster's Garden VR

Following the amazing work the MPC team did on the John Lewis Christmas TV ad, my concept for the VR execution made it onto the Oxford Street store, where it'll stay until the end of the year.

My team worked hard to push the boundaries and raise the Virtual Reality bar, and I think we achieved exactly that.


The experience immerses you fully in the TV ad garden, where you're surrounded by the very furry animals. 
There's no learning curve, because we track your hands and gestures, so you can get the animals jumping straight away.
The 360˚ spatialised sound was made from scratch, too.


Finally, we created a way of compositing users' performances into the 3D garden scene in real-time, as opposed to the traditional point-of-view 2nd screen experience.

As soon as you take off your headset, there's a printed ticket waiting for you with your unique URL to view your video online.