Andre Assalino

Free Our Voices

Free Our Voices

The Kennedy's approached MPC with the idea that people could pledge their support
to the campaign through personalised images created through voice recognition.

That inspired me to develop a three-pronged solution where people could convey their
individuality through their own signatures, which were transformed by the sound of their voice.

Winner of Site of the Day on FWA, and a Brand Republic Digital award.

The website uses custom sound recognition technology which allows visitors
to sign the petition by verbally recording their name.
Each recording is then visualised by a unique written signature determined by the frequency,
sound, rhythm and speech pattern of each participant’s individual voice.
Signatures can be further personalised with colour patterns and are easily shareable via social channels.

All signatures are rendered in real-time and captured in a 3D gallery in the shape of a young girl’s face.
This 3D data-visualisation brings to life the unheard children at the very heart of the campaign.
Visitors can explore the gallery to view their own signature and search names of other participants